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Providence M.B. Church
8401 So. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60620

Dr. William H. Foster Jr.
Host Pastor

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Me Too
Day: Tuesday (10a-12:30p)
Instructor: Sis. Queen E. Crawford
Course: Workshop

Miracles, Signs and Wonders
Day: Tuesday (10a-12:30p)
Instructor: Dr. Dolly Robinson
Course: 1079

Introduction To Bible
Day: Mon-Fri. (6p-8p)
Instructor: Dr. Lillie Shaffer
Course: 1001

Survey Of Romans
Day: Mon-Fri. (6p-8p)
Instructor: Dean Carolyn Davidson
Course: 1089

Creative Ways Of Teaching
Day: Mon-Fri. (6p-8p)
Instructor: Dr. Cora Suddoth-Gore
Course: 2023

Doctrine Of Prayer
Day: Mon-Fri. (6p-8p)
Instructor: Dr. Alvin Love
Course: 4014

Organizing The Church For
Day: Mon-Fri. (6p-8p)
Instructor: Sis. Linda Jackson
Course: 6013

Writing Technique II
Day: Mon-Fri. (6p-8p)
Instructor: Dr. Henrietta Brinson
Course: 9005

Pastors and Ministers
Day: Mon-Fri. (6p-8p)
Instructor: Dr. Rogers Jackson
Course: Pulpit and Purpose

BYF (13-17)
Day: Mon-Fri. (6p-8p)
Instructor: Lasondra Kidd + Dr. Carsie Barnes
Course: Keeping It 100

KK (King’s Kids)
Day: Mon-Fri. (6p-8p)
Instructor: Sis. Joesphine Brown + Dr. Onie Jackson
Course: I’m A King’s Kid

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